Yes Chef, Nebula Survive Early Exit, Complete AU Reps For OEDL Fall Invitational

Posted by Maouie April 15, 2021 in ESPORTSNEWS

The second day of the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 playoffs was action-packed. It hosted meta-defining games, exciting comebacks, and bid goodbye to two teams.

The nail-biting elimination matches between Yes Chef and 1620 Kings, as well as Nebula and Good Game No Remorse all went to a deciding game three. Here’s how the fight for tournament lives and the finals two slots for the OEDL Fall Invitational went down:

Yes Chef Endures 1620 Kings

Much like the first two OEDL powerhouses that ended up as champions, Yes Chef too was kicked down in the lower bracket to open their playoff campaign.

Yes Chef, however, wasn’t able to make a quick disposal off of 1620 Kings. After their commanding victory to open the best-of-three series, Andros’ squad went full 7.29 versus TEKCOR’s boys with a mid Beastmaster. 

The 16-minute Aghanim’s Scepter pickup by CosiCosi easily gave 1620 Kings the early advantage thanks to its potential to kill Roshan fast. Three Aegis of Immortals, plus all of its other loots, all went to the kings. This gave ample space for Baosu’s Spectre to farm until they can push Yes Chef to a rubber match.

Unfortunately for 1620 Kings, they could only do the Beastmaster cheese pick once as Yes Chef proceeded to dictate the phase of the final game. TEKCOR decided to go for an all-out brawl, drafting team fight-heavy heroes for their cores like Gyrocopter, Leshrac, and Legion Commander.

Baosu’s Slark wasn’t able to contribute much unlike in the last game. Though Zavier’s Axe and CosiCosi’s Puck somehow managed to keep the team afloat, it wasn’t enough to stop Yes Chef from claiming the series and the third slot for the OEDL Fall Invitational.

Nebula Eliminates Good Game No Remorse With a Stand-in

Nebula was already at a disadvantage entering their elimination series versus Good Game No Remorse. They barely made it to the playoffs in the first playoffs and to live on with their tournament lives, they must defeat the second-strongest team in the group stages.

The first map of the series didn’t help improve their chances. Maru was disconnected early in the game and failed to return even after utilizing all of Nebula’s pause time. They had to play four-versus-five which ended in a blowout victory for Godot’s squad.

To continue playing, the Spag-led squad had to play with Defender, their emergency stand-in. The thing was, though, out of the eight games that the player stood in for Nebula in the group stages, he has yet to win a single map. Fortunately, that changed this series.

Nebula completed the reverse sweep versus Good Game No Remorse. The refusal of Rym and XemistrY to succumb to an early exit was evident in their performances. Saviour’s attempt to bank on the apparently overpowered Phantom Lancer was met with a game-three-forcing Sven and Leshrac combo. 

The do-or-die game saw Good Game No Remorse mounting an early advantage. Their durable lineup led by Saviour’s Ursa, Jandals’ Mars, and Godot’s Centaur Warrunner helped the team secure the laning stage. They were able to enjoy a 9K gold lead up until the 33-minute mark when Rym’s Drow Ranger began piercing through their thick skins.

It took Nebula 12 minutes from being down to Good Game No Remorse’s largest networth advantage to mount what could possibly be the greatest comeback of the season. They turned around not only an abysmal laning phase, but an all-over disadvantaged series to extend their tournament lives and complete the final four teams that will represent Oceania in the OEDL Fall Invitational.

The Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 playoffs continues today with another elimination match featuring Yes Chef versus Nebula, followed by the semi-finals between Sadboys V2 and Old N’ Bad.

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