Yes Chef Finishes A Group Stage Week Of Ties With Two 2-0 Wins

Posted by Maouie February 18, 2021 in ESPORTS

A total of 10 best-of-two series were played throughout the second group stage week of the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 yet only two of those ended with a clear victor.

Yes Chef, the remnants of the C’s Better squad that secured a fourth-place finish last season now empowered by Rizz and Meteor, was the lone team to walk away from their scheduled bouts last week, versus Sincerely Fury and Good Game No Remorse, with absolute victories.

While the tournament standing that currently exhibits the team on top of everybody else does a great job in showcasing how they have grown to become a force to be reckoned with. To appreciate the extent of their potential as an Oceanic powerhouse, however, we have to recognize the details of their most recent achievement.

Yes Chef’s wins last week showed that they can either be aggressive or patient. In their matchup versus Fury’s squad, TEKCOR and the boys were able to secure the series victory with just a little over 42 minutes of total playtime while maintaining a 21-kill advantage in both games. 

The 27-minute first game highlighted the team’s ability to punish overextension and utilize the cooldown of their enemy’s abilities. It started around the 13-minute mark when Sincerely Fury’s three-man smoke attempt backfired after Vade’s failure to commit Flaming Lasso on time was met with a clutch Echo Slam that bought time for TEKCOR’s rescue. Nine minutes after that, Nova’s usage of his 10-second Black King Bar and Chemical Rage to pick off the same position-four Earthshaker disabled them to withstand Yes Chef’s counterattack that led to four crucial kills.

The 17-minute drubbing that closed out the series, on the other hand, was nothing but a testament to Reverie’s title as the best Outworld Devourer player in the region.

The more patient side of Yes Chef’s playstyle appeared when faced against Godot’s stack. The 60-plus-minute first game of the series featured the team’s ability to remain composed until the chance to mount a 13,774  net worth comeback presented itself. When it finally manifested around the 46-minute mark in the form of Reverie’s three-man, Aghanim’s Scepter-equipped Electric Vortex which was followed up by a fresh-off-buyback, Aghanim’s Shard-empowered Earthshaker combo by TEKCOR to defend their high ground, Yes Chef held on to their lead and never let it go.

The final game of the series that capped off their undefeated week was a display of how well they can maintain a lead. The team started the fight rather on a wrong footing as Rizz’s Riki was picked off three times in the first 11 minutes of the game. Lon’s annoyingly tanky Timbersaw and TEKCOR’s Nyx Assassin, however, were able to maintain the game’s tempo on their side. Good Game No Remorse could no longer kill anyone except the roaming support, and by the time Yes Chef cores were already online, not even a Divine Rapier-wielding Phantom Assassin was enough to snatch the victory away from their hands.

After finishing the second week with the league-best 6-2 win-loss record, Yes Chef will look to maintain their position as they set to face next Ygod’s Item Breakers on February 17 and Hypeman’s Sadboys V2 on February 20 for the third group stage week..

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