The Top 3 Heroes Of The Oceanic Esports League Season 3

Posted by Maouie March 2, 2021 in ESPORTS

The first half of the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season delivered action-packed games. It was filled with evenly-matched series, explosive Techies picks, spiritless nine-minute gg calls, and Mega Creeps comeback, to name a few. Amidst these noteworthy narratives that all build into the main story of the ongoing season, three heroes are successfully dominating the league for Oceania’s finest. 

Void Spirit

Void Spirit is currently one of the most picked heroes so far into the season, appearing 32 times in 40 total games after the fourth group stage week. The melee, intelligence hero has recently been dealt with a minuscule nerf, reducing his base damage, yet continues to sport a fair 53.13% win rate. 

Much like the rest of the Spirit Brothers, Void Spirit’s mobility, pick-off potential, and flash-farming abilities make him a stable hero to fill either position two or three. He can handle a tough laning phase, unlike Invoker, Tinker, or Death Prophet, who all pose a sub-50-percent win rate so far, and shine as soon as he picks up an Aghanim’s Scepter or Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, both of which provide extra crowd-control. 

Your Soul is Mine knows a thing or two about playing Void Spirit. They have the highest number of games played with the hero at six, alongside Sincerely Fury, but with a better success rate at 50%. In their recent series versus Yes Chef, F18 demonstrated how lethal the hero can be.

Upon realizing TEKCOR’s intent to cast Terrorize against the respawning Monkey King, F18 steps in to disrupt the cast point with an Aghanim’s Scepter-equipped Resonant Pulse. The chaos created by Hahaguo’s follow-up Ravage into Masiwei’s Wukong’s Command was further utilized by the Void Spirit to appear into Reverie’s face with the Dissimilate empowered by the 2.5-second stun talent tree. After notching a Triple Kill, two of which were die-backs, F18 was able to secure YSiM’s match upset against the league leaders.


The Australia-New Zealand region shares their fascination over Puck with their neighbors in Southeast Asia. In both Dota Pro Circuit upper and lower divisions of the region, this slippery nuker is the most picked hero, posing a combined 56 games played with a 55% win rate.

In the on-going season of the Oceanic Esports Dota League, the Faerie Dragon has graced 30 maps with a 56.67% success rate, which comes from the positive win rates of seven teams who have proven themselves with the hero. Sadboys V2 and Your Soul Is Mine were most fond of Puck out of the bunch, both running with five games each on an astounding 80% win rate.

This team fight from Sadboys V2 encapsulates Puck’s prowess. The Echo Slam into three of Sincerely Fury’s heroes sure was a thing of beauty, but let’s also give credit to how Buzzkin realized that Vade has used up all his Astral Steps just to get near him, Fury has spent his Hookshot to disrupt LiberTango’s Epicenter, and Nova’s Black King Bar duration is about to run out to casually walk and drop a huge Dream Coil to keep them all in place for Hypeman and lordboonz to feast on.

Though Puck has received a few tweaks on his base damage, Waning Rift damage, and upgraded Dream Coil link break stun duration in the latest patch, its pick and win rates in the league are likely to remain as is. The values on its ultimate and overall kit, after all, are undeniably worthy to pass on.


While the entire Dota Pro Circuit struggles to win games with this hero, the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 exhibits astounding numbers with Grimstroke.

The offensive support hero boasts a total of 32 appearances and winning 65.63% of it, the highest win rate among the heroes mentioned on this list. Half of the league’s participants enjoy a positive win rate with the hero, but Yes Chef and Old N’ Bad evidently possess a deeper understanding of how to properly utilize Grimstroke. TEKCOR and Splicko’s squads each have 10 games with the hero, but the former posts a higher win rate at 90%, while the latter puts up 80%.

Meteor’s Grimstroke was hardly caught by the observer’s frame in this team fight, yet he was able to dish out four assists in Yes Chef’s team wipe versus Your Soul Is Mine. He also finished this commanding victory tied with Buzzkin’s Ember Spirit as the hero with the least amount of death at one, which is pretty impressive for a position-five support. The league rookie also ended up second in kill participation at 62%, the second-highest percentage next to the established midlaner.

Yes Chef’s support was able to put up these numbers because of Grimstroke’s design and how the team paired it up with melee initiators. The hero is equipped with an arsenal of crowd control abilities—may it be slow, stun, silence, or leash—all of which can be cast from afar. This makes it easier to maintain a distance during team fights, unlike staple supports such as Lion, Lich, or Witch Doctor, who all need to be relatively close in action.

As the league enters the second half of the group stages, we’ll find out how much impact these heroes will provide. Catch Oceania’s finest Dota 2 players in action at the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 live on Twitch from Wednesday to Saturday!