The Indifference of 1620 Kings

Posted by Maouie March 24, 2021 in ESPORTS

Image banner via 1620 Kings

Andros is aware that the team he is leading is putting up fickle results. Despite sitting right in the middle of the standings with four wins, four draws, and four losses after six weeks of the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3’s group stages, the captain of 1620 Kings believes that they could still easily be in the top three or the bottom three.

Most of their victories are against teams that they are expected to beat like Your Soul Is Mine and Redacted, two teams that have been spending quite some time in the lower part of the standings. At the same time, however, one of their losses was dealt by Sincerely Fury, a team that has also been dwelling in the bottom four.

This has been pretty much the theme for any banner manned by Andros. NoBKB was also touted as a hit-or-miss last season. In fact, they almost lost their ticket to the playoffs when Sincerely Fury pulled off a last-minute win streak to tie their group stage records with their squad, which just suffered unnecessary losses versus mathematically eliminated teams. If not for their positive win rate versus Fury’s stack, an out-of-shape NoBKB would have had to fight the momentum-driven Sincerely Fury to a tiebreaker.

Perhaps it’s because of Andros’ inexperience as a captain. He only got serious about competitive Dota nearly three years ago, when Fox Gaming, a team composed of himself, Tien, Kofaa, Zavier, and Spag, qualified for the Premier Division of the Australian Esports Federation Dota 2 Premier League. They had a great group stage run, finishing only behind the Athletico Esports, but came up short in the playoffs for a 5th-8th place finish.

But Andros also believes that there’s not a team without any issues. He may need to work twice as hard to lead a team while playing a relatively more demanding position-four role and miscommunication may sometimes get the best out of his unit, like how it usually does for most teams. However, he knows that they also have some traits that make up for these shortcomings.

“We don’t tilt from losses or get angry at each other,” Andros responded when asked about 1620 Kings’ edge over the rest of the league’s participants. “[I] think that’s an issue for a lot of teams…  it’s important for the team to get along outside of Dota too. When you lose and the only time you talk to each other is during Dota games, it makes it very hard to bounce back morale-wise.”

This mentality explains the stack that Andros put together for the season. For starters, he chose Zavier as his kept core player for personal biases and the fact that he’s one of the best offlaners in the region.

“… We played around three years on and off together and he’s the player I learned position-four with initially. I think we both play our best when we are together, things just click together very easily and we can focus on other things instead of just trying to figure out synergy like others have to.  And it doesn’t hurt [that] he’s one of the best [offlaners] in the region,” he explained.

The same rationale essentially applies to the rest of his teammates. CosiCosi was an easy decision because of his contribution as NoBKB’s mid last season. Magic was a good friend of the crew, not to mention a reliable support player. Cloudy, though, was a special case. Andros didn’t expect to get him as he thought that the carry of his caliber would be picked much earlier in the draft. He recognizes his talent and described him as one of the most motivated players he has ever met.

Andros also gave a nod to Redacted’s 6ixerMaris, simply because he’s his favorite boy.

Before their series versus Good Game No Remorse, Andros was exuding optimism. “Our next week or so of games will decide our placement as we are [going up against] a lot of the top four-to-five teams… We are wildly inconsistent but recently, it feels like we are able to pull it together a bit,” he claimed.

His confidence may not have been enough to get them past Godot’s team but there should not be much of a need to worry. After all, what sets them apart from the rest of Oceania’s finest should allow them to bounce back from such setbacks on their morale. When playing with those who you get along with, overcoming defeats gets easier while celebrating victories becomes much sweeter.

1620 Kings may be just like any other team that has its own strengths and weaknesses. They have proven that what makes them bad doesn’t make them the worst and what makes them good allows them to stride alongside the best.