Sadboys V2 Wins Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3

Posted by Maouie April 18, 2021 in Uncategorized

Sadboys V2 emerged as the champions of the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 after outlasting Old N’ Bad, 3-2, in a hard-fought best-of-five series last night.

The grand finals encapsulated both teams being the very definition of Oceania’s finest. Each team’s core players have their own courses: Ly was gunning for his second-straight championship title, Snowy as well who won last season, Buzzkin was trying to break his second-place curse, while Hypeman was trying to prove that he’s destined for victory.

Sadboys V2 opened the series with a 19-minute victory. The Drow Ranger and Storm Spirit combo of Hypeman and Buzzkin was too much for Old N’ Bad, who ran a rather unorthodox Pudge for Splicko, to handle. After being down by 26 kills and 11k in networth, the last straw that had Old N’ Bad calling gg out was when snowy’s Grimstroke denied Hypeman’s Doom-ed Drow Ranger.

Despite opening the series with a dominant win, however, Sadboys V2 was the first one to be pushed into an edge. Ly’s Invoker and Splicko’s Chaos Knight combined for 31 kills or 70% or Old N’ Bad’s total kills in the second game to tie the series at one apiece.

Meanwhile, the third game that had Hypeman’s squad fighting for tournament lives also featured Ly’s heroics after his Arc Warden was left unanswered. Though Sadboys V2 was able to endure the pushing prowess of their opponent’s lineup, Poglet’s double Mass Serpent Ward sealed the 57-minute victory for Old N’ Bad.

With their backs against the wall, Sadboys V2 relied once again on their Drow Ranger and Storm Spirit one-two punch in the fourth map. The game ultimately proved that Buzzkin’s is indeed the best Storm Spirit player in the entirety of the Oceanic region. He popped off to score the game-high 20 kills that went with 24 assists to force a do-or-die.

Sadboys V2 opened the final game by limiting Ly and Splicko’s heroes. They banned all of Old N’ Bad’s successful picks like Splicko’s Tidehunter and Chaos Knight as well as Ly’s Arc Warden, Invoker, and Tinker. As a result, their opponents settled for position-one Gyrocopter and a position-two Kunkka.

At that point, the only thing left for Sadboys V2 to do was execute their lineup. Though Buzzkin’s signature Storm Spirit was banned, it didn’t hinder him to shine and score the game-high 16 kills as Puck. He was Sadboys V2’s anchor until Hypeman’s comfort Drow Ranger pick was huge enough to shred through Old N’ Bad’s rather durable composition.

“My destiny has been foreseen, and now I am living it,” Hypeman said, with excitement in his voice, during the post-game interview.

With their much-deserved championship tile, Sadboys V2 will be walking away with the lion’s share of the AUD $25,000 prize pool. They will also continue to represent Oceania in the upcoming OEDL Fall Invitational together with Old N’ Bad, Nebula, and Yes Chef.

The OEDL Fall Invitational Closed Qualifier is set to begin on April 19. Follow us on our official Facebook and Twitter pages for more information and announcements.