Sadboys V2 Opens Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 With A Bang

Posted by Maouie February 10, 2021 in ESPORTS

The moment the draft for the third season of the Oceanic Esports Dota League ended, everybody knew that Sadboy V2 would spell trouble.

It’s practically an Oceanic all-star team considering how four out of five of their members finished within the top three last season: Hypeman, their captain, ended in the third-place with Spag and Sons, Buzzkin and lordboonz’ helped Adio Chula secure the silver finish, while snowy was an integral part of Cuteanimegirls’ championship run.

The players’ resume should already be enough to convince anyone how formidable they are. In their debut match in last Wednesday’s opener, however, the boys were still eager to flex how explosive they could get by letting lordboonz play a position-four Techies. 

Having the hero grace an official tournament match will never get insipid. Seeing them getting pulled in the drafting screen always elicits a reaction of astonishment, which is then followed by curiosity as to how the team will utilize their double-edged pick. 

As a form of dedication to the hero’s association with the element of surprise, Techies is usually revealed in the final phase of the draft, when the opponents are hardly left with room for counters. Though that wasn’t the case when Sadboys V2 first-picked Techies in their opening game versus 1620 Kings as if the hero’s viability in the current meta demands a priority pick.

Sadboys V2 complemented the rather unorthodox pick with cores that scale well into the game like LiberTango’s Legion Commander, Buzzkin’s Storm Spirit, and Hypeman’s Naga Siren. Knowing how the early game is crucial for these heroes, lordboonz made sure to have his presence felt in the offlane. What’s more noteworthy of his Techies gameplay is how he refused to live in the jungle and wait for an unassuming enemy to walk into his traps. Instead, the Australian veteran was aggressive—jumping face first in team fights with Blast Off! for easy Duel victories.

Techies’ position in today’s metagame trends, however, is not solely for its immense follow-up damage post-initiation. In another game with the hero versus Nebula this time, Boonz finally utilized the mines to kill foolish enemies who were taking one step too far from the comfort of their detection. One of his victims included Rym’s Phantom Lancer, who was beginning to become really pesky for Sadboys V2. 

But before this crucial revenge kill that left Wombatspew and Poglet mindblown, lordboonz was also a huge contributing factor in a chaotic team fight for Roshan that Saboys V2 came out on top off thanks to his cheeky Double Kill against Friffles’ Pangolier and XemistrY’s Sniper.

Whether it’s due to his sheer talent. his teammate’s ability to play a game with the hero, or a perfect combination of both, lordboonz proved that Techies, in the right hands, can be useful both in a fast-paced environment or a slow-running game. Though these games might not be enough to establish their position as a position-four support, let Boonz’ 100% win rate so far with the hero change the minds of those who loathe the hero.

At the end of the first week, Sadboys V2’s draft shenanigans paid off as they landed on top of the standings with GG No Remorse and 1620 Kings, sporting a 3-1 win-loss record. We’ll see if they can keep this trend up as they kick off the second week of the group stages versus Splicko and Ly’s Team Oracle on Thursday, February 11.

Catch Oceania’s finest Dota 2 players in action at the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 live on Twitch from Wednesday to Saturday!