Sadboys V2, Old N Bad Dominate OEDL Season 3 Playoff Opener, Secures OEDL Fall Invitational Slots

Posted by Maouie April 14, 2021 in ESPORTSNEWS

The Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 playoffs have finally kicked off with the upper bracket matches featuring the top four teams of the group stages.

After an intense double-header featuring Yes Chef, Sadboys V2, Old N’ Bad, and Good Game No Remorse, two teams were able to secure a slot in the OEDL Fall Invitational and a step closer towards the championship title.

No lordboonz, No Problem

Sadboys V2 came into their best-of-three series versus the Yes Chef with a clear disadvantage. Not only they were supposed to face the league leaders, but they also needed to do it without lordboonz, who was suspended due to unprofessional conduct.

The absence of the position-four player was evident at first. Sadboys V2 easily found themselves on the verge of a lower bracket grind after Rizz’ Slark was left unanswered in the sub-30 minute map.

The second game of the series almost told the same story. Yes Chef ran a three-melee core lineup composed of Bristleback, Void Spirit, and Night Stalker to mount an early game advantage. Things were already looking grim for Hypeman’s crew after being down in an eight thousand networth disadvantage approaching the 20-minute mark.

But Sadboys V2 refused to get swept in the opening series of the culmination. They slowly mounted their comeback by picking their fights, particularly during day time to mitigate Lon’s contribution. Hypeman’s Aghanim’s Shard-wielding Drow Ranger also prevented Rizz from snowballing. 

And by the time he has picked up his Silver Edge, the only thing left for Yes Chef to do was call the gg out.

Sadboys V2 gave Yes Chef a dose of their own Bristleback medicine in the final game of the series. Despite struggling in the early game, primarily due to Hypeman’s underfarmed Spectre, Rizz’ Fan of Knives-empowered Phantom Assassin wasn’t enough to break into their durable lineup.

Sadboys V2’s come-from-behind victory clinched them a slot in the upcoming OEDL Fall Invitational.

Ly’s Tinker Zaps Godot’s Crew

The second series of the playoffs ultimately proved that the group stage rankings hardly mattered in the playoffs as Old N’ Bad dominated Good Game No Remorse.

Perhaps the changes that came with the 7.29 patch were partly to blame. The removal of Necronomicon significantly changed how the offlane was played. And with Godot being a crucial part of Good Game No Remorse’s playstyle, it barely gave them some time to refigure the team’s identity.

But another major factor that got Splicko’s team sweeping the second-seed is Ly’s Tinker. Good Game No Remorse paid no respect to his comfort hero in game two even after ending the first one with a 12/0/10 kill-death-assist scoreline.

They attempted to fight fire with fire by letting Jandals play Storm Spirit but it eventually ended as a futile attempt. He was solo killed in the three-minute mark and eventually contributed six pickoffs to Ly’s game-high 16 kills.

Old N’ Bad’s draft and approach to the laning stage also scrubbed the doubt procured by their performance in the latter stages of the group stages. They were able to play with their full main roster and were able to carry out their patented four-protect-one strategy. They ran a tri-lane in both games with Splicko manning rather unconventional heroes for a position-one like Tidehunter and Bounty Hunter.

Old N’ Bad’s victory allowed them to join Sadboys V2 as Oceania’s representative for the OEDL Fall Invitational.

The Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 playoffs continues today with the lower bracket featuring Yes Chef versus 1620 Kings and Good Game No Remorse versus Nebula.

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