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Rules & Regulations: Oceanic Dota Esports League

All players are required to read through the rules carefully before each captain signs this document, and must agree to adhere to the below. Failure to adhere to any of the rules may result in disciplinary action.

The Oceanic Dota Esports League administration reserves the right to decide outside or even against the rulebook below in any case, to ensure fair play.


1.1 General

By Agreeing to the rules below, participating players are expected to see through the league through its first season and beyond till the end of 2020. All participating players are not allowed to play in another AU/NZ tournament that has multiple conflicting scheduled games, which disallows them to be available for the league unless approved by tournament Administration.

Furthermore, all information provided in private messaging between Oceanic Esports Administration and players must remain private, this includes any discord or direct messages in regards to any aspect of the League that is not already public knowledge. Releasing of this information may result in punishment pending League Administration review.

1.2 Code of Conduct

Please note, all players who are currently participating in the Oceanic Esports League are subject to these rules during Public matches, and In-game chat as well as voice communication may be reviewed by Administration.

Every participant must behave with respect towards the representatives of the Oceanic League, press, viewers, partners and ALL OTHER PLAYERS. All participants are required to represent Esports, the league and any personal sponsors with honour and integrity. This applies to behaviour in-game, all external chats, messengers, comments and any other form of media.

Participants must not engage in harassment or hate speech in any form. Players are to use their best judgement in reporting any unwanted behaviour between their team or with other players. For a detailed list of conduct rules refer to ESIC Code of Conduct (we are of no affiliation,The Integrity Commission provides the most rounded and complete conduct for all Esports endeavours)

Violation of this code of conduct will result in punishment subject to the Oceanic Dota Esports Administration, and may result in permanent bans put in place for any player involved in such behaviour.

1.3 Hateful Conduct and offensive behaviour.

OEDL has a strong stance against any hateful conduct.

Hateful conduct is any content or activity that promotes, encourages, or facilitates discrimination, harassment, or violence based on race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, medical condition or physical characteristics and is prohibited. Any hateful conduct is considered a zero-tolerance violation and all players associated with such conduct will be indefinitely suspended.

All hateful conduct that occurs during an official League match, or on any public or private platform may be punished. This includes but is not limited to in-game chat of official League matches, Twitch, Discord, forums, or any other public interaction with players.

1.4 Spamming

Any excessive posting of useless, annoying or offensive contributions within the Oceanic Esports League will be considered as spam. It is subject to the League administration to what constitutes spamming, and warnings will be provided to make clear what is punishable. 

The use of in-game chat wheels is allowed, but player discretion is advised, as excessive use will appear on stream, and detract from viewer experience.

1.5 In-Game Chat

In-game chat will be allowed as long as players maintain proper etiquette and do not abuse other players, this includes both the opposing team, as well as within your team.

1.6 Matches, Competitions

Every match must adhere to all rules until completion. All matches will be hosted and run by an administrator. Any match hosted or played by teams not within the correct lobby will not count, and must be played again. This includes any match that may be played ‘off-stream’ due to unforeseen circumstances.

Players and any official staff relating to the teams or organisation, for example coaches are not allowed to place bets on matches. The placement of any bet will result in the offending player being subject to punishment accordingly, and will result in removal from the Oceanic Esports League.

1.7 Game / Client

All programs which are not part of the original game, including but not limited to custom-data, map changes, or any modification to any aspect of the base Dota 2 client are strictly prohibited. The use of in-game overlays that are part of the official Dota 2 game, including skins for maps, heroes and voice lines are allowed.

Please note, this includes 3rd party software such as “Dota Overwolf” which would allow a potential unfair advantage to any team using it. 

During official tournament games, players will be required to use the official Discord channel/s provided by the Oceanic Esports League.

1.8 Game Coverage

The Oceanic Dota Esports League reserves exclusive right to the coverage of all League matches in all forms of transmission. Administration reserves the right to assign coverage rights of a match, or several matches to any third-party organisation or to the players themselves. For all player perspective coverage, terms and conditions must be arranged prior to the stream being broadcasted. Failure to notify the Oceanic League Administration may result in permanent bans from streaming or broadcasting the games on a personal channel.

1.9 Internal Texts

All correspondence between players and administration in regards to protests or support tickets cannot be published without the express permission of the Oceanic Dota Esports League.

Please note, this includes any decisions made and discussed between captains and players throughout the league regarding rule changes and potential misconduct.

1.10 Language

The official language to be used for this League is English. All players are expected to communicate with other teams and Administration in all official capacity in English.

1.11 Prize distribution

The distribution of both the Grand Prize Pool, as well as the Active Prize Pool (Extra payment per win) must be done in respect to team contribution. All players that played and won any series must be paid their share of the Active Prize pool. The distribution of the Grand Prize Pool is to be set as follows

  • “Main Roster” players will receive Eighteen (18) Percent each respectively
  • “Substitute”players will receive at minimum Five (5) Percent each regardless of any games played.

Teams may request the prize pool be distributed in a manner not conforming with above, but all decisions will be subject to review.

Players that have either quit or been removed by League Administration may not receive any Prize pool due to not completing the season, a case by case basis will be implemented for these rare cases.

1.12 Scrims

All practice matches (scrims) that occur between any team/s currently registered in the Oceanic Esports Dota 2 League are considered private information. Teams are not permitted to share this information in any public forum or to other players / teams without express permission from All teams involved in the practice match.

Sharing of private information without permission is considered an offence and will follow the ruling of 5.1

2.1 Deception


Any attempt to deceive admins or other players by providing wrong or fake statements, information or data will be penalized severely.

Any abuse of bugs made on the website or other platforms, or errors made by the Oceanic League Administration will be subject to the same level of severity.

2.2 Cheating

Any and all forms of cheating in Official matches is strictly forbidden and will result in punishment as severe as instant removal from the league. Players found cheating outside of official matches, for example Public Ranked Matches can be subject to the same punishment if evidence is provided. In the result of this, evidence must be submitted and an Oceanic Esports Administrator must also verify before action will be taken.

The use of programs or any other method to circumvent Valve’s Anti Cheat (VAC) is also forbidden. Any account with multiple VAC bans will be subject to review and may result in the subject player not being allowed to compete in the League. If the program is being run accidentally, or as a ‘test’ the punishment will remain consistent as if it was intentional or deliberate.

2.3 Match-Fixing / Betting Fraud

Engaging in any action that improperly influences the outcome of any game or match by any means will result in the matches being voided instantly. Forfeiture of prize money and a monetary fine may also be placed upon the offending player, subject to the Oceanic Esports Administration.

2.4 Doping


Doping of any kind is strictly forbidden. Prescribed medication is allowed, however proof is required to be sent to tournament Administration.

2.5 Competition manipulation and bribery


Bribery or attempting to bribe any tournament organizer or player will result in games being voided, forfeiture of prize money and a monetary fine placed upon the offending person subject to Oceanic Esports League Administration.

3. Accounts


Bribery or attempting to bribe any tournament organizer or player will result in games being voided, forfeiture of prize money and a monetary fine placed upon the offending person subject to Oceanic Esports League Administration.

3.1 Player

All players must provide an up-to-date and correct email address, as well as both their steam account and discord username. It is the player’s responsibility to keep all of these up-to-date, and notify administration immediately of any changes. To play in the Oceanic Dota Esports all players must be available to be contacted within a reasonable time frame barring extreme circumstances, failure to respond to any request made by administration may subject the player to punishment.

All players must be 18 years or older.

3.2 Account Names

Each player in the Oceanic Dota Esports League must only use one account for the entire duration of the league when playing official games. Players must ensure that the account name remains unchanged throughout the duration of the league including Finals.

The Oceanic Esports League reserves the right to request nicknames / URL Aliases to be changed if they do not satisfy the following requirements:

Nicknames are forbidden if they:

  •     Are protected by third-party right and the user has not been given written permission
  •     Resemble or are identical to a brand or trademark
  •     Resemble or are identical to a real person other than themselves
  •     Are deemed nonsense


In addition to the above, any nicknames/team names/aliases that are purely commercial (e.g. product names), defamatory, pejorative, offensive, vulgar, obscene, racist, inciting hatred, or offending against good manners are forbidden. Using alternative spelling, gibberish or wrong spelling in order to avoid the requirements mentioned above is illegal. We reserve the right to extend, change, exchange or delete these rules if necessary.

All usernames that are not in english, or impossible to pronounce must give their preferred nickname to tournament Administration, as well as having that nickname in brackets during official League games.

3.3 Country of Origin

As this league is for Australian and New Zealand players only. Any individual who is not a citizen or permanent resident of these countries will be reviewed on a case by case basis by Oceanic Esports administration.

3.4 Account Sharing

Account sharing is strictly prohibited, any player who becomes known to have shared their account during any official tournament game will have immediate action taken upon them and may result in removal from the Oceanic Dota Esports League permanently.

3.5 Team name/s

All team names are decided between the players. Team names do not have to be unique, however Tournament Administration reserves the right to refuse any name within reason.


Team names must adhere to good manner and etiquette, as they will be representing both Oceania Dota, as well as all sponsors involved in the Oceanic League

The logo must represent the team and have a clear reference to the Team’s selected name. Copyrighted logos or logos that do not abide by good etiquette will not be allowed.

3.6 Changing Team Names

Teams may request a name change only if one or more of these requirements are met, note there may be circumstances not listed, in these cases it will be the decision of tournament administration.

  •     The Name is no longer appropriate
  •     It has become apparent that it is causing discomfort for multiple players in the team to play under the current Team name
  •     The name causes confusion for fans or other players

3.7 Players in team

Players are only allowed to play for one team throughout the Oceanic League, this will not include players who are traded during any ongoing season.

Each team will consist of one (1) captain, four (4) ‘main roster’ players, and two (2) substitute players.

Team captains will be selected on recommendation from respected players within the community, and these captains are expected to maintain and keep all players up-to-date with any changes to schedule in regards to their teams.

Each team will be drafted by their respected captains in a lottery style format for pick selection to ensure fairness. For players to gain, and maintain admittance to the league a minimum MMR requirement will be in place, subject to the Tournament administration. Exceptions may be granted in certain circumstances accordingly.

The current minimum rank is “Immortal” and players are expected to maintain a public ranking, failure to do so may result in the player being unable to continue in future seasons.

3.8 Sponsors / Partnerships

The Oceanic Dota Esports League reserves the right to prohibit or remove teams with sponsors that are solely aimed at audiences not appropriate for the League. All team sponsorships must be approved before they are allowed to be used in either team names or logos. Failure to notify tournament administration may result in teams being removed from the league, and future bans may be implemented.

3.9 Roster expectations

Captains are required to submit any changes to their finalised roster for each series by 11:59 PM AEDT the DAY BEFORE each of their scheduled games. Failure to comply with this ruling will result in the following punishment:

First offence: Minus Thirty (30) Seconds drafting penalty time for the ENTIRE SERIES

Second offence: Minus Seventy (70) Seconds drafting penalty time for the ENTIRE SERIES

Third offence: Minus One Hundred and Ten (110) seconds drafting penalty time for the ENTIRE SERIES. 

4 League Format
4.1 Captain Eligibility

To become a captain for any current or future season of the Oceanic Esports League, players must satisfy all of the below requirements: (please note, all captains who have held a roster spot in the most recent season without incident will be invited back once more to captain.) 

  1. Australian / New Zealand Citizen or Permanent resident (proof may be requested upon Administration discretion)
  2. An upstanding member of the Oceanic Dota 2 community
  3. Willing and able to commit to the entirety of at minimum one full season, including any and all captains meetings with the Oceanic Esports Dota Administration
  4. Understands the time commitment involved in creating a stable and prospering Roster for the duration of the Season 

All captains who meet the above eligibility will be interviewed by Administration, and all current captains will be given input into the addition of these new captains.

4.2 Draft Eligibility


All players who satisfy the requirements of obtaining and maintaining “Immortal” medal, and are of Australian / New Zealand may be eligible for the Lottery Draft.


By completing this eligibility form, players are understanding they will be required to play two (2) best of two (2) series per week, as well as any potential best of three (3) series that will arise should they make playoffs.

4.3 Pre-Season League

For all players wishing to enter into the lottery draft, an In-house league will be played between 30th of June and 12th of July. This league is designed to showcase and prove to the captains why each player is ‘draft worthy’ and is highly recommended for all players to participate.

The Pre-season league will allow Captains to both play with their prospective teammates as well as challenge a fellow captain. This challenge will allow the captain/s to draft from any available player in the current pool and coach or play in the game, allowing the captain to gain more information on any potential draft pick.

Details on the Pre-Season In-house league, and how to play in it, will be available to players who have completed their sign-up forms and given entry to the official Oceanic Esports Dota Discord channel.

4.4 Teams

There will be Ten (10) team captains, and Four (4) active players per roster, as well as two (2) substitutes per team, totalling seventy (70) active players per season of the League. This number is subject to change and Oceanic Dota Esports League reserves the right to add or remove the number of teams / Substitutes between each season.

Substitutes can be used for as many games as the captain / team desires, and there will be no punishment for substitutions as long as written warning is provided.

Teams will be drafted using a lottery style format based upon the previous season seeding, as well as any clear Matchmaking ranking discrepancies between captains. The Oceanic Esports Administration reserves the right to alter the seedings in light of any new circumstances that may arise.

4.5 Weekly Format

The tournament will be in a round robin style, with each team facing off twice throughout the duration of the league. Each team will be required to play in at maximum, two Best of Two (BO2) series per week.


Games will be played on a set schedule that will run between Wednesday and Saturday each week. The games played between Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday will run between 6pm AEDT and 10pm AEDT. The games on Saturday will be played between 4pm AEDT and 8pm AEDT.

Please note, that due to this format, there will be two Saturday matches to be played during a special 2-4pm AEDT slot. This Broadcast time is also reserved for any match that may need to be rescheduled. Any team that is scheduled to play on this time slot will be notified in advance.

If you are unable to play as a team for a scheduled game you must give at least Forty Eight (48) Hours to the tournament administration or risk forfeiting the series entirely. Teams that forfeit multiple series may be completely removed from the league and banned from all future seasons.

Once a player has joined the league, they are deemed committed to playing all games until completion, regardless of placement. Failure to do so may be cause for permanent removal from future seasons.

4.7 Lobby

All games will be played in Captains Mode in a Best of two (2) format. An in game coin toss will decide team side / drafting order. Game two of each series will give the team who lost the coin toss first priority in the same decision. Game lobbies must have cheats disabled, Team names present as well as their approved logos attached. All players must display their correct nickname or risk forcing a remake of the lobby and being deducted drafting time.

During playoff games, besides the grand finals which is Best of five (5) format, all series will be a Best of three (3) format. A Coin toss will decide the team side / drafting order for game one, Game two will be a priority decision by the loser of the coin toss. If any series results in a two game split, a third tiebreaker match will be played, using a new Coin toss to decide the team side / drafting order.

Players will be expected to arrive into each lobby for their scheduled games at least ten (10) minutes prior to each series.

4.8 In Game Pauses

Pauses during any official League game is allowed within reason, teams must provide a reasonable excuse to the Tournament administration as well as a time resuming will become possible.

A maximum allocation of fifteen (15) minutes pause time will be allowed per team that time is permitted to be transferred to the opposing team if agreed upon by each respective captain. 

Pauses that are used in “bad-manner” to either insult or aggravate any opposing player are strictly prohibited and will result in punishment from the Oceanic Esports League.

5. Penalties

If a player or team disregards or violates one or multiple rules of the Oceanic League, consequences and subsequent punishment will be subject to Tournament Administration in their best discretion.

5.1 In-game offences / Misconduct

Players or teams may not be given warnings before being removed from the League if their behaviour is deemed irrevocable. For most offences, players will be subject to the below:

  •     1st Offence: Warning to both individual players, as well as team Captain.
  •     2nd Offence: One (1) Series ban in which the player will not be able to participate at all.
  •     3rd Offence: Fifty (50%) percent reduction to the individual player or teams match winnings.
  •     4th Offence: Removal from the Oceanic League for the duration of the season

Please note, these offences may be carried over into the ensuing seasons, subject to Tournament Administration.

5.2 Player Trades

Player trades will be allowed for season 2 of the Oceanic Dota League, however all trades must follow all rules and guidelines listed below. The trade window will be open starting from week five (5) of the group stage, and close week seven (7). If captains have not used any of their trading allowances, they will not be carried over to future seasons. A maximum of Two (2) trades are allowed for Season two per team, all trades must be one (1) player for one (1) player swaps. Both captains must notify their respective players before any trade can commence, failure to notify the player/s prior to negotiation will prevent the trade. Trades may only occur during the allocated trade window. Players are only allowed to be traded once during the course of the season. All trades must be approved by Oceanic Esports administration. 


Undrafted Players Players who were not selected during the pre-season player draft are still eligible to play in the Oceanic Dota League, these trades are subject to the same ruling as all trades between two teams, and may still be denied by the Oceanic Dota League Administration. All undrafted players can be traded for using one of the allocated ‘trade slots’ that each team has been provided. Undrafted players can only be selected once, meaning that if the player is then removed, they will not be eligible to rejoin any other team. A player that has been traded into the ‘undrafted pool’ is eligible to be selected by any other team with a ‘trade slot’ still available. Please note, this must still follow the above guideline.