Ragdoll Wins QH Sports Dota Series 1

Posted by Oceanic Esports August 23, 2021 in ESPORTSNEWS

Ragdoll claimed the inaugural championship title of the QH Sports Dota Series 1 after a masterful performance versus Team God in the grand finals.

The best-of-five series was a brutal demonstration of the champion’s prowess. They kicked it off with a 22-minute annihilation, which turned out to be the fastest game of the ultimate bout. Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son was outstanding on his Shadow Fiend as his incredible early game performance propelled the tides toward his team’s favor.

After picking up four kills in less than a minute, Ragdoll has gotten a hold of the advantage and never let it go. Team God was eventually forced to tap out after an attempt at picking off the Malaysian veteran’s farmed hero not only failed but also backfired heavily in the form of a three-for-nothing exchange.

There wasn’t much difference in the way the group stage second-seed dominated the second map except for the fact that it got way bloody. Two kills were already shed even before the game clock started ticking up and in the first five minutes of the game, Ragdoll was able to put up a 9-0 kill advantage.

Wang “GY” Kok Guan’s successful laning phase as Mars allowed his team to step on the gas and ram everything that gets in their way. His initiations, alongside the mobility, ganking prowess, and overall scalability of their draft manifested in the outcome of the slugfest.

For a 23-minute victory, Ragdoll managed to amass an impressive total of 49 kills, 32 of which came from Cheng “vtFaded” Jia Hao’s Lina and Ahjit’s Weaver. 

Team God was able to keep up with the bloodthirstiness of their counterpart in the third and final map of the series. The skill score was even tied at 24 apiece at the 27-minute mark and it was looking like it was anybody’s game.

Unfortunately, a smoke gank initiated by the Trần “Bombi” Hoàng Minh Quý-empowered squad towards the Radiant top jungle camp turned sour as it ended up as an opportunity for Ragdoll to wipe them all out. 

The game got slower after that fight after both teams decided to play around the objectives. As the second Roshan, which was supposed to dictate the outcome of the game, spawned, GY’s Mars managed to catch Bùi “hunghung” Văn Hùng’s Void Spirit with Kim “Unknown-” Jit Pin’s Lifestealer infested inside of him. This led to two crucial kills on Team God’s cores.

Without a buyback on their midlaner and the advantage of the Aegis of Immortality inevitably blessing the Radiant, Team God had to bend their knees before Ragdoll who has just become the very-first QH Sports Dota Series champion.

More than the pride that comes with their achievement and dominating performance, vtFaded, Ahjit, GY, Zhou “James” Yi Fu, and Wang “MenYouPing” Liang will also take home USD $7,000, the lion’s share of the USD $15,000 tournament prize pool.

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