Power of Friendship Keeps The NoBKB vs Sincerely Playoff Spot Fight Alive

Posted by Maouie October 13, 2020 in ESPORTS

The Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2 has been unforgiving for Power of Friendship. They were usually on the receiving end of brutal beatings and have spent most, if not all, of their tournament run on the bottom-most part of the standings. But despite being the weakest link and being mathematically eliminated from the upcoming playoffs, it didn’t change the way Power of Friendship approach their matches. 

Shiftsa led his team to a surprising comeback victory to close the 10th group stage week of the tournament and end their rematch versus NoBKB in a tie. It was a bloodbath. Both teams nearly scored over 80 kills even though Power of Friendship never took control of the net worth lead until the final minutes of the game. 

To be fair, however, those final minutes turned out to be the only things they needed to secure the victory. NoBKB struggled in breaking into Power of Friendship’s high ground. The last six minutes of the game saw no one dying from the side of Shiftsa’s men while the Zavier-led team suffered 11 deaths.

The nail on NoBKB’s coffin was hammered on the 53-minute mark of the game. Baosu’s Morphling just claimed the Aegis of Immortal when Shiftsa’s Clockwerk landed a Hookshot on Zavier’s Snapfire who strategically positioned himself outside of the Roshan pit to deny any possible game-changing steals. Normally, that should already be the moment when a team who gave up Roshan retreats for the high ground, but Power of Friendship knew exactly that so they did the total opposite. 

Holding on to the Roshan loots as their advantage, CosiCosi’s Doom and Andros’ Bounty Hunter charged on the top side of Radiant’s jungle only to meet massive ultimates from ALEET’s Faceless Void and Cloudy’s Windranger. Upon realizing that they are now outnumbered, MBTW went for the teleport only to get first-hit bashed by PoF’s carry. While ALEET, spiderboy45’s Underlord, and Vade’s Mirana deal with the Undying, Shiftsa and Cloudy marked Zavier’s back to claim their fourth crucial kill.

Now that’s left between Power of Friendship and victory was Baosu. As the rest of the crew focuses their attention on Dire’s tier-four towers, Vade initiated the pick off with a Cyclone-Sacred Arrow combo to remove the Morphling’s Immortality. Given the amount of damage and disables on Radiant’s one-two punch alone and Baosu living up to their NoBKB team name, the supposedly tedious task turned out to be easier than it seemed.

Although the 54-minute thriller can no longer improve Power of Friendship’s chances of qualifying for the playoffs, the hard-fought and absolutely well-deserved victory later proved to be ultimately crucial for both Zavier’s and Fury’s squads.

Entering the final group stage week, Sincerely Fury’s rather impossible quest of crawling out from the dangers of elimination and stealing the final playoff spot off of NoBKB remains probable thanks to that Power of Friendship win. With four games left, Fury can still qualify for the playoffs if they can win all their remaining maps versus Cuteanimegirls and C’s Better.

NoBKB, on the other hand, has a much better win condition. All they needed to do is clinch their final two-game series versus Your Soul is Mine and hope that the powerhouse led by LY take at least one game in their series versus Sincerely Fury. If Fury manages to pull off a winning streak versus LY and sylvos’ teams and Wasabi will be able to take at least one game off of them, Zavier’s can still take matters into their hands via a tie-breaker.

These can all be decided on October 14 as Sincerely Fury takes on Cuteanimegirls after NoBKB takes on Your Soul is Mine to kick off the final group stage week of the Oceanic Esports League Season 2. Ultimately, whatever the result may be, Power of Friendship, despite their lackluster result overall, surely made the road to playoffs extra interesting.

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