NoBKB: Unpredictable or Inconsistent?

Posted by Maouie September 23, 2020 in ESPORTS

NoBKB spent the seventh week of the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2 dishing out two varied results. They opened their campaign with a disappointing 0-2 loss against C’s Better on Wednesday, then bounce back on the day after with a convincing 2-0 victory against Adio Chula. 

After the week has ended, the Zavier-led squad never moved an inch from the purgatory—the final placing in the standings before the bottom four that secures a team a single-elimination spot in the playoff bracket—with a 13-11 win-loss record. If not for Bokebi’s sweeping off of Sincerely Fury, NoBKB would be the one dreading the early tournament exit.

NoBKB has been categorized as a Hit-or-Miss kind-of-team alongside Bokebi and Sincerely Fury come the halfway point of the season. However, their performances a couple of weeks prior to this one seem to argue that this team may not be really leaning towards inconsistency, but more on unpredictability.

In their double-header against the two of the most formidable powerhouses this season, Spag and Sons and Cuteanimegirls, NoBKB managed to flex their potential by ending both series with a tie.Aside from Adio Chula, whom they soundly defeated as mentioned earlier, NoBKB is the only team in the league to ever avoid getting swept by both teams during the first half of the group stages.

These cases picked from their last two weeks of play encapsulates the most prevalent narrative NoBKB has built for themselves so far into the season. They showed how they can step up their game versus the biggest names in the league but falter against a slight mismatch. They stopped the momentum-driven Adio Chula, who just got off a massive 2-0 victory against Spag and Sons, but tumbled over C’s Better who picked up a rather expected win over Your Soul is Mine.

NoBKB’s unpredictability (or inconsistency), however, isn’t only present on their performances. With only 58 heroes picked on 24 matches, NoBKB is the third-worst team in terms of hero versatility. They are supposedly tied with Bokebi, but Y-God’s squad has fewer games played at 20. However, if we are to take a look into their draft during the aforementioned weeks, NoBKB has hardly repeated their heroes in one series. 

This was the case in their matchups versus Spag and Sons and C’s Better. On the other hand, their meeting versus Cuteanimegirls saw Snapfire as the only hero drafted on both games, while their series Adio Chula saw Grimstroke as the sole repeat hero. A couple of occasions also saw NoBKB drafting heroes who are usually more suited for a support role man the offlane. Among the heroes that they have tried include Undying and Ogre Magi. As usual, their results when employing such draft have been, so far, hit-or-miss.

This week, NoBKB will be up against two teams from the bottom four, Fury’s Sincerely Fury and Kouros1ve’s Shadownet. Both of their initial meetings with the mentioned team ended up in a tie. These matchups may serve as a crucial development in their running narrative once they finally rise above the squads that they supposedly have the upper hand against.

If not, however, NoBKB still has more than enough time to secure a double-elimination run in the playoff bracket and ultimately establish whether they are absolutely unpredictable or merely inconsistent.

Catch NoBKB and the rest of Oceania’s finest in action at the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2 live on Twitch from Wednesday to Saturday!