Meet Your QH Sports Dota Series 1 Teams

Posted by Oceanic Esports August 5, 2021 in NEWS

The QH Sports Dota Series 1 is the first of the four invitational Dota 2 tournaments organized by Qui Hia Sports and Oceanic Esports League.

It will feature 10 teams from China and Southeast Asia fighting for the lion’s share of the USD$15,000 prize pool from August 9 until August 22. Here are the participants for the inaugural tournament.


  • Hou “IDC” Xiao Meng
  • Liu “QI” Shao Jun
  • Li “Irving” Jian
  • Tang “Catyou” Xiao Lei
  • Cui “QYQX” Chen Yang

There are reasons why LBZS’ logo is a cute, smiling sun and one of it could be due to the fact that they are one of the rising Dota 2 squads in the Chinese region. They finished second in the lower division of the 2021 Dota Pro Circuit Season 2 and are now looking to bring the heat in the inaugural QH Sports Dota Series.


  • Cheng “vtFaded” Jia Hao
  • Lai “Ahjit” Jay Son
  • Wang “GY” Kok Guan
  • Zhou “James” Yi Fu
  • Wang “MenYouPing” Liang

Ragdoll is a team composed of Malaysian veterans and Chinese up-and-comers. vtFaded and Ahjit both have plenty of experiences and accolades to their name, all of which are waiting to be manifested into the brimming potential their new talents have.

Army Geniuses

  • Daud “db-” Budiawan
  • Tri “Mamang Daya” Daya Pamungkas
  • Syaid “woMy” Muhammad Resky
  • Rifki “Lym-” Firdaus Oetomo
  • Yukatheo “you_K” Glen

Army Geniuses has been spending the past two years making a name for themselves. They were present in almost all online tournaments in the region and are steadily putting up impressive scores. This Mamang Daya-empowered squad will definitely look to dominate the tournament as Indonesia’s sole representative.


  • Wang “wyJ” Yuan Jie
  • Xu “Sakata” Zi Chen
  • Zhuang “xiaofu” Yong Fu
  • Zhu “Judy” Di
  • Yao “yeE” Fei Yu

A team led by a Chinese veteran Sakata, Crocodile is ready to prey on weaker foes. They may have a little experience under their snappy jaws but they will surely look to sharpen their teeth here in the QH Sports Dota Series 1.


  • Jinn Marrey “Palos” Lamatao
  • Mark Anthony “Bob” Urbina
  • Ryan Jay “Raging Potato” Qui
  • Don Carlo “Bdz” Manalo
  • Ralph Richard “RR” Penano

Execration is a staple name in the Southeast Asian Dota 2 scene. They were able to dominate the region since time immemorial and even had a few The International appearances. With the decorated Raging Potato back once more, this lone all-Filipino team should be watched out for.


  • Bilguun “x123” Altanginj
  • Sukhbat “Sanctity-” Otgondavaa
  • Munkh-Erdene “eleven” Battsooj
  • Batbayasgalan “Ace12” Narankhand
  • Khishigbat “Hishgee” Byamba

Lilgun is undoubtedly one of the meteoric teams in Southeast Asia. They were promoted from the lower division approaching the second season of the DPC 2021, and were even able to score some upsets against the upper division giants. They will continue to give pride to the Mongolian Dota 2 scene as they compete in the 10-team tournament.

Team Mystery

  • Wong “mks-” Sim An
  • Yeong “Mercury” Shi Jie
  • Lee “X1aOyU-” Qian Yu
  • Muhammad “QWE” Bin Namir
  • Liew “Eren” Jun Jie

Aside from being a melting pot of cultures, Malaysia, in the esports industry, is home to the greatest professional players. As Team Mystery, a squad composed of relative up-and-comers rises from the depths of its Dota 2 scene, QH Sports Dota Series 1 might as well be a stepping stone for this future juggernaut.


  • Karn “KNP” Chanmanee
  • Souban “BeeBie” Sisouphanthong
  • Nopparit “Seri” Prugsaritanon
  • Peerapat “Tigger” Butta
  • Supanut “LionaX” Chow

M Y is here to prove that Thailand has more than one Dota 2 powerhouse. Filled with former Motive.Trust Gaming players—Seri, Tigger, and LionaX—this team will try to take a step forward to that goal as they face off against formidable challenges from Southeast Asia and China.

Team D

  • Kyaw “Mice” Zin Thant
  • Krish “Krish-” Gupta
  • Lee “kYxY” Kong Yang
  • Adrian “Destrice” Eng
  • Remus “Ponlo” Goh

Legendary player kYxY is back to lead a promising stack. Team D is composed of players from Malaysia, Myanmar, India, and Singapore. They hardly have any appearances as they were only formed after the regional qualifiers for The International 10. Rest assured, their mettle will be tested on the stages of the QH Sports Dota Series 1.

Team God

  • Kim “Unknown-” Jit Pin
  • Yuri Dave “Yowe” Pacana
  • Nicholas “Zeal” Lim Eng Han
  • Nguyen “Yasy” Chau Loi
  • Tran “Bombi” Hoang Minh Quy

From the ashes of the 496 Gaming, a promising team composed of Malaysian rookies, a rising Filipino star, and Vietnamese veterans rises. Led by Bombi, a position five support who achieved 10K MMR last year, Team God will look to bend their foes’ knees, no matter the cost, and worship them.

QH Sports Dota Series 1 will be streamed live on the official Twitch channel of Oceanic Esports League. Be sure to follow our Facebook and Twitter pages as well for more information.