Meet Your Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 Playoffs Teams

Posted by Maouie April 13, 2021 in ESPORTS

The Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 playoffs are finally here.

Nine weeks of action-packed Dota games determined the teams that will compete in the double-elimination playoffs from April 13 to April 17. However, unlike the preceding seasons, what’s on the line is not only the honor that comes with the championship title nor the lion’s share of the AUD $25,000 prize pool.

The stakes are higher this season as four slots for the inaugural OEDL Fall Invitational are also up for grabs and here are the six playoff teams that will be vying for the crowns.


  • Rym
  • XemistrY
  • Friffles
  • H-Lord
  • Spag

Spag’s team was a powerhouse last season after ending the group stages in the top seed of the standings. This time, however, they barely secured a spot in the playoffs.

Most of Nebula’s victories were from the eliminated teams. Out of the six qualified teams in the playoffs, they were only able to sport a positive win rate versus 1620 Kings, the second team to start the culmination in the lower bracket. Odds may look stacked against Nebula but they are not without hope. 

The final weeks of the group stages showed improvement in their results. They were able to take a game off of Yes Chef, but not before running away with a sweep versus Old N’ Bad, one of the teams that they could face in the playoffs.

Should these victories keep them hot, sleeping on Nebula might not be too wise.

1620 Kings

  • Cloudy
  • CosiCosi
  • Zavier
  • Andros
  • Magic

The Zavier-Andros duo has found themselves in the same situation as they were last season: on the verge of being eliminated from playoff contention if not for a circumstance that was beyond their control.

Not to take away their hard work throughout the nine-week group stages, though. 1620 Kings qualified for the playoffs because they were able to prove that they were stronger than the eliminated teams.

As for their chances versus qualified teams, however, 1620 Kings need to be more convincing. Andros admitted that inconsistency sometimes gets the best of them. It was holding them even before the halfway mark of the group stages and, unfortunately, the latter weeks barely showed some signs of improvement.

Andros’ crew should come out with guns blazing to avoid falling in the same place as they were last season.

Old N’ Bad

  • Splicko
  • LY
  • Farnsworth
  • Poglet
  • Cozy

Old N’ Bad had a promising group stage start especially after Farnsworth’s addition helped helped establish the team’s identity and play style.playstyle. 

Come the latter part of the group stages, however, the Splicko-led squad seemed to have had some trouble with their roster. They weren’t able to utilize the main lineup and were forced to play with a stand-in most of the league’s duration.

Despite the hurdles thrown at their way, Old N’ Bad managed to maintain their standings in the top four. The much-needed two-zero victory versus Sincerely Fury determined not only their seeding in the playoffs but also their potential as a unit.

After all, Mr. 9K MMR is still up on their sleeve.

Sadboys V2

  • Hypeman
  • Buzzkin
  • LiberTanGo
  • Lordboonz
  • Snowy

Sadboys V2 has what it takes to topple the one who reigns from their throne. In fact, out of all the qualified playoff teams, they were the only ones who managed to sweep Yes Chef in a best-of-two series.

But the chances of Hypeman’s crew versus Yes Chef this time in the first round of the playoffs might not look as good, particularly because they will be forced to play the best-of-three series without lordboonz, who has been suspended for unprofessional conduct.

Should Sadboys V2 fail to withstand the looming onslaught of the best team in the league, they would ultimately need to survive the danger of the lower bracket’s sudden death for any shot at the championship title. 

Will they be able to do it?

Good Game No Remorse

  • Saviour
  • Jandals
  • Godot
  • Poyo
  • HoboD

Good Game No Remorse has spent the final weeks of the group stages proving that they are a force to reckoned with.

Godot admitted that as a newly-built roster, it took them some time to adapt to playing as a team and not just five individuals who happen to be good at playing Dota. What helped them become the powerhouse that they are now is everyone’s mentality—the willingness to improve and attitude towards criticisms.

The result was evident. Good Game No Remorse overtook two teams with formidable players to sit in a spot just below the final boss. Speaking of the final boss, though, the Godot-led squad’s last meeting with Yes Chef proved that even though they have been pretty convincing lately, they are yet to please everybody.

Honestly, though, there’s no better place than the playoffs to finish what’s left undone.

Yes Chef

  • Rizz
  • Reverie
  • Lon
  • Meteor

The embodiment of Oceania’s finest.

There’s really not much to say about Yes Chef except for the absolute fact that they are the team to beat. Their near-flawless performance in the group stages easily made them the favorites to win this season’s championship title.

This revamped version of last season’s C’s Better, a team that almost eliminated the eventual champions Cuteanimegirls, will be entering the playoffs to fulfill what is expected of them. But that’s not meant to put pressure on their shoulders. In fact, the pressure lies on the teams that will seek to stop them.

At this rate, TEKCOR and Kpii might just be weeks away from being the first player and coach, respectively, to become two-time OEDL champions.

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