Meet The Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2 Playoff Teams

Posted by Maouie October 20, 2020 in ESPORTS

The six teams advancing to the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2 playoffs have been settled.

It took 11 weeks and one day of a tiebreaker match for the top seed to determine the decisive double-elimination bracket of the league’s final phase. However, before the playoffs finally kick off on October 20, let’s take the time first to meet Oceania’s finest teams that will be competing for this season’s championship title.

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing your Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2 playoff teams:

Spag and Sons

  • Hypeman
  • Xemistry
  • Farnsworth
  • Victorize
  • Spag (C)
  • Serafall (Sub)
  • Roger(Sub)

In a span of one season, Spag and Sons evolved from a team that saw elimination even before the playoff started to a powerhouse that ended the group stages as the top seed. Be it their high-profile, one-two punch in the form of Hypeman and Xemistry, Spag’s innate leadership, or simply their dashing 27-10 win-loss record in the group stages and their recent tiebreaker victory against rivals Cuteanimegirls, Spag and Sons will be entering the playoffs as the team to beat.


  • Ly (C)
  • MiggelZ
  • Calvin
  • Matino
  • MagicNZ
  • Snowy (Sub)
  • Pladapus (Sub)

The championship title may have eluded Ly the last time he led a team into the playoffs, but his campaign this time might tell a different ending. Cuteanimegirls barely showed signs of weakness throughout the group stages. Considering how they were one tiebreaker win away from being the top seed with a 27-10 win-loss record, perhaps their team really is composed of the best players in every role, as their captain claims. Unless, of course, another Flash Point Gaming-like team rises to stop Ly once more from the coveted first-place finish.

Adio Chula

  • Buzzkin
  • Splicko
  • Rizz
  • HoboD
  • Boonz (C)
  • Vynato (Sub)
  • Shortpotato (Sub)

When asked about the teams that could potentially spell threat for their championship run, Ly mentioned two: the obvious Spag and Sons and the equally obvious Adio Chula. The banner, last season, were one series away from being one series away from the chip. With Buzzkin’s mechanical prowess complementing the veteran captain in Boonz as well one-seed higher finish in the group stages this season, it’s only rightful for the all playoffs participants to keep Adio Chula in check.


  • Masiwei
  • Y-God (C)
  • Endless
  • Kess
  • Game is Hard
  • Json (Sub)
  • Chestnut (Sub)

Majority of the players in Bokebi will be entering the playoffs for the first time. Salvaged from the remnants of last season’s Benny Brian, ygod, as it appears, was also commandeering a redemption arc of his own. With a 24-13 win-loss record, Bokebi did not only qualify for the final tournament phase of this season, they will also be opening their campaign on the upper end of the double-elimination bracket. Say what you will about their past performance, but Bokebi definitely has a bright future ahead of them.

C’s Better

  • Reverie
  • Lon
  • sylvos (C)
  • cozy (Sub)
  • Vegan Immo (Sub)

Don’t let their lower bracket start and 19-17 group stage win-loss record fool you, C’s Better is a force to be reckoned with. With a returning professional player leading a pack of veterans, the amount of experience this team could very well be their edge in making it all the way to the top. After all, sylvos, before the league kicked off, had his eyes set on, at the very least, causing some upsets. And there’s no better stage to pull those off except the playoffs.


  • Baosu
  • CosiCosi
  • Zavier (C)
  • Andros
  • Jiren
  • Merchant (Sub)
  • MBTW (Sub)

The final weeks of the group stage may not be the best for NoBKB nor are they the most consistent out of all the playoff participants, but there’s a reason why they were able to qualify and that’s because they can play. We were witnesses to a couple of instances wherein they come out victorious on maps that they are expected to lose. As the odds still stack against them, all that’s left for NoBKB to do this playoffs is defy it once more.

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