LY: My Team Has The Best Player on Every Role

Posted by Maouie September 27, 2020 in ESPORTS

When Spag was asked about which player he thinks has the most potential among the current pool in the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2, the esteemed captain of Spag and Sons had Cuteanimegirls’ LY on top of his list.

LY has always been hailed as one of the most talented players in the league. Perhaps the respect Spag bestows upon him was the reason why his co-captain recognized him as such. However, aside from being blessed with good genetics and following a balanced diet, LY claimed that his strong will to win and training regimen as well are what set him apart from other players.

“… Training on the [regular] [versus] the likes of bananaslammajamma and mason on the [North America] server on 200 ping has been a great training ground to improve,” LY said.

After the eight group stage week, Cuteanimegirls have overthrown Spag and Sons from the top seed thanks to a commanding 2-0 victory against the same squad on Saturday. This was the first time a team led by LY took over the standings despite their second-place finish last season as SADBOYS.AU. This success, as LY has noted, may be owed to the differences between his current and former teams.

“This season, our team is much more balanced. Last season we really had to work to improve a lot because we had a very dysfunctional team with me and Buzzkin both being mid players and having super inexperienced offlaner and position 5. I’d say this season we just have a lot more experience between me, Miguel, Calvin, and Matino. Wwe’ve all played and won multiple [LANs] and been overseas for tournaments, so we all [sort of] know what we are doing. It’s just about building synergy and figuring out drafts and egos,” LY answered with a hearty laugh.

LY is currently leading a team comprised of MiggelZ, whom he always respected and wanted to play with, Calvin, his former teammate from Oracle, Matino, who he recognizes as the best four position player in the region, and Magic, who he believes has the abilities to get better. On top of this star-studded lineup is Australian Dota 2 superstar, Damien “Kpii” Chok, providing guidance and acting as a mediator for team disagreements.

More than the synergy he’s enjoying with his new teammates, LY also admitted that playing with this squad also resolved the issue that comes with wearing both the hats of a captain and a core player.

“I think it’s terrible to play a core role and captain; it makes you play far worse if you are focusing on the macro parts of the game and team movements rather then your own hero. Last season I had to deal with that but this season I let Calvin captain in-game for us so I can focus on my own gameplay. Everyone on the team makes calls and stuff, though; it’s a team effort,” LY said.

With the playoffs fast approaching, no shade of doubt can be traced out of LY despite the championship title eluding them the last time. When asked why this was the case, he has this to say:

“My team has the best player on every role.”

This, however, doesn’t mean that LY has already considered their grand finale loss versus Kouros1ve’s Flash Point Gaming last season as a thing in the past. If anything else, it’s one of the things that driving him forward, as his parting words suggests:

“Shouts out [to] my team from last season Buzzkin, Hypeman, [6ixerMaris] and Snowy, I will avenge our loss. Shouts out vtdang you know real slatt business. Shout out the set, Shouts out [to] Calvin Chen! Shout out [to] all the fans especially the new NA ones this year [we’re] taking over.”

Catch LY’s Cuteanimegirls and the rest of Oceania’s finest in action at the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2 live on Twitch from Wednesday to Saturday!