Kouros1ve: We’re Looking To Show A Lot Of Improvement

Posted by Maouie September 16, 2020 in ESPORTS

Shadownet entered the second season of the Oceanic Esports Dota League as one of the highly-anticipated participants. Aside from the fact that they are donning the banner of an established Oceania-based gaming organization, another reason behind the hype was caused by their team captain Kourosh “Kouros1ve” Shaban, the same captain of the team who took home the league’s inaugural championship title.

Halfway into the group stages, however, Shadownet has found themselves dwelling on the bottom half of the standings with an 8-12 win-loss record after Week 6. The only teams that they were able to beat so far were Your Soul is Mine and Power of Friendship, the only two teams who sit below them on the rankings. While they were able to tie their first meeting against Spag and Sons, the league’s current top seed, Shadownet has yet to live up to the hype.

“The synergy in our initial roles had some clear problems that weren’t improving despite us addressing them a number of times after scrims and official games,” Kouros1ve answered when asked about why they are having a hard time so far into the season.

Kouros1ve drafted Tien, Mello, 6ixerMaris, and Boomer to complete Shadownet’s main roster. If not for his pleasant experience in playing with them in the past, the esteemed captain admitted that he has chosen these players primarily because of the potential he sees in them. He even noted how everyone has a good attitude and mutually respect each other.

Considering how his teammates approach the game and Kouros1ve’s caliber as a team captain, overcoming such hiccups shouldn’t be much of a problem for Shadownet. In fact, Kouros1ve already had something in mind in order to address the issues at hand.

“We have switched up a number of things with our playstyle and roles for the better and need a bit of time to grow after these changes. We’re looking to show a lot of improvement in the last few weeks of the group stage and hopefully make it at least [the] top six and possibly top four by the play-offs,” Kouros1ve said.

With the playoffs looming, Kouros1ve said that he has his eyes set not on defending his championship title in the grand finals, but secure themselves a spot in the playoffs first. He also stressed how their slow start may actually have some perks compared to the teams that are making waves now.

“Right now getting [for] the playoffs is the first goal we need to strive for. I think if we’re able to improve our standing to [the] top six or top four we will have a decent chance at making and winning the playoffs. We’ll also have much less pressure to perform compared to the other playoff teams given their early-season successes and [fewer] difficulties they’ve had to face to get there,” Kouros1ve stated.

With five more weeks of group stage play remaining, which is basically another round of two-game series against the league’s participants save for Your Soul is Mine, whom they ended up owning with a 3-1 score, Shadownet has more than enough time to clinch a safer spot in the playoffs and help Kouros1ve defend his title.

For his parting words, gave a nod to his stream supporters as well as the people behind Shadownet who trusted in his ability to carry their banner after winning the league’s inaugural season:

“Come check out my stream at twitch.tv/kouros1ve. I’ve been streaming (Dota 2 and other games) quite often. Shoutout to everyone who watches my stream and I appreciate all the guys who tune in regularly to either meme or come for the 5Head content. Big shoutout to everyone at Shadownet and in the other Shadownet esports teams cause they’re all really cool and friendly,” Kouros1ve said.

Catch Shadownet and Kouros1ve in action at the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2 live on Twitch from Wednesday to Saturday!