Is It Too Late For A Power of Friendship Comeback?

Posted by Maouie September 10, 2020 in ESPORTS

The Oceanic Esports Dota 2 League is nearly halfway into its playoff week yet Power of Friendship is still struggling to find their groove.

The squad who competed as Team Poyo last season sports the worst win-loss record at 1-15 among all 10 participants after five weeks into the group stages. They remain as one of the two teams alongside Your Soul is Mine, who is sitting on the ninth seed with a 3-15 win-loss record, that is yet to clinch a 2-0 victory.

But unlike most of the teams who are currently on the bottom half of the standings and are in danger of being eliminated for the playoff, Power of Friendship’s losses are almost always stomped. On Week 5, Shiftsa’s team played against Adio Chula twice, and they received a 0-2 beating on both occasions. To make matters worse, two of their losses didn’t even exceed the 20-minute mark of the game. In the second game of their series last Friday, the Boonz-led squad didn’t even need 15 minutes to force the gg call out of their enemies to win the shortest game ever played this season.

As much as it is a pain to admit, this, unfortunately, wasn’t an isolated case. NoBKB also won their series versus Power of Friendship after two 16-minute games. But this doesn’t necessarily mean that they aren’t trying hard or are too early to give up. In fact, their sole win in the league versus Your Soul is Mine was a 66-minute thriller. 

Perhaps, one of the reasons behind Power of Friendship’s current hardships may be pointed towards their roster. Despite their lackluster results last season as Team Poyo, Shiftsa decided to draft the same players for this season (which probably explains the inspiration behind their team name). They did try to shake things up though by moving spiderboy45 from position 1 to position 5 to also make room for league debutant ShiftsaJnr, but it didn’t provide much impact as they have hoped for.

Unless Power of Friendship overhauls their brand of Dota or Valve drops a mid-tournament patch that shifts towards their favor, their only chance of catching a breath of fresh air is through the trade window. Until the league’s seventh group stage week, competing teams will be given two trade allowances that they can use for a one-for-one player swap. This means that Shiftsa has the opportunity to make up for whatever is lacking in their current roster.

The player trades, however, is not the last ray of hope left for them as it understandably defeats the essence of their team name. Objectively speaking, Power of Friendship still has an ample amount of time left to claw their way up and secure at least a top-six finish for the group stages with five more weeks of play remaining. 

Last season, we saw Team Poyo pull off a last-minute run, netting a couple of crucial victories during the latter half of the league. With basically the same guys playing once more, the possibility of a comeback is never zero. For all we know, Power of Friendship has yet to exhibit the full extent of their powers.

This week, Power of Friendship will be up against Loseyourself’s Cuteanimegirls on Thursday and Fury’s Sincerely Fury on Friday. Don’t forget to catch the action live at the official Oceanic Esports Dota League Twitch channel!