How Godot Plays A Part In Good Game No Remorse

Posted by Maouie March 23, 2021 in ESPORTS

Good Game No Remorse has been having a spectacular performance ever since entering the second half of the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 group stages and it’s partly because of their offlaner-slash-captain, Godot.

The veteran offers two things to his team: the first is his invaluable knowledge procured from his experiences over the course of his successful career, while the second one is his insight regarding the current state of the offlane position.

“Playing offlane in the lane has always been about being able to gauge the fine line of how far and how much you can get out of the lane, with the matchup you’ve been dealt with,” Godot explained. “However, heroes that can bully the enemy carry and take enemy safe lane tier-one tower fast tend to be more favorable. The current meta is fast-paced and all about controlling the map.”

The success in the offlane is a domino-effect that generally falls under map control. The more areas a team can wander to without the danger of being picked off by the enemy, the more resources the team can distribute within themselves. The increase in available resources results in faster item timings, which further evolve into easier team fight execution or quicker objective takeover.

“Mars, Beastmaster, Lycan, Enigma, [and] Dragon Knight,” Godot answered when asked about his top five offlaners in the current meta.

“Heroes that tend to buy Necronomicon or have strong laning presence tend to be more advantageous. Mars, BM, Lycan, Enigma, and DK all have those traits, but they are also strong in the mid-late game because they either have strong damage output, can provide some sort of vision that helps control the map, or have an impactful team fighting ability that can turn the tides even if you’re behind,” he added.

Despite being definitely qualified as Oceania’s finest, this season only marked the first time that Godot led a team in the tournament. His prior stint was in the inaugural season but only as a substitute for Sincerely Fury. In his pursuit to help Jandals grow as a player, however, he decided to be more hands-on and joined the league.

“The reason I joined is that I wanted to help Jandals grow as a player. And before OEDL I was already getting him involved in a SEA competitive environment, so after confirming with the OEDL admins that I could take him as my first pick, I accepted to join the league as one of the captains,” Godot said.

His desire to groom the up-and-coming talents residing in the Australia-New Zealand region got Good Game No Remorse sitting on the top three after seven weeks of the group stages. But they weren’t always this strong. Godot believes that they managed to be where they are at right now because of everyone’s willingness to become better.

“Criticism and mentality,” Godot answered when asked about the key to their recent success. “We started very shaky in the first few weeks, with us being a fresh new team (as we did not keep three players from the previous season compared to the other captains), but after lots of replay analysis as well as criticism, everyone has been able to steadily improve from game to game, but of course, there is still a lot to work on.”

One of the things that Good Game No Remorse needs to work on is their inability to defeat teams that are evidently stronger than them. As it stands, Yes Chef, the consistent league top-seed, remains untouchable even against Godot’s squad. The results of their second meeting didn’t differ from their last as they got handed a zero-two beating once more.

In the last two weeks of the group stages, Good Game No Remorse will continue to face teams that have shown dominance against them in their last meeting. Nevertheless, Godot trust that they can keep their success rolling up until the end of the group stages.

“I believe we are already at a level where we can steadily perform and take games of every team in OEDL, however, we have shown weakness against the top teams as we have underperformed under the pressure,” he said.

Up next on Good Game No Remorse’s schedule is a rematch versus Old N’ Bad. Considering how their initial meeting ended in a lopsided victory for Splicko’s squad, the performance of Godot’s squad should be nothing short of exciting, especially after vowing to improve the things that have been holding them back.

Should they be able to get past the bigger adversaries residing within the Oceanic Esports Dota League, there should be no reason not to get excited when they finally face their Southeast Asian neighbors should they qualify for the OEDL Fall Invitational.