Good Game No Remorse Shoots To Top Two

Posted by Maouie March 18, 2021 in ESPORTS

The majority of Good Game No Remorse’s run so far was spent biding in the safety of the top four. They were a solid contender; a gatekeeper for those who dwell in the lower part of the standings and a constant threat to those who reign up top. After the sixth group stage week of the Oceanic Esports League Season 3, however, the team unveiled that they may actually be a god walking amongst men.

Godot’s squad swept Sincerely Fury and 1620 Kings to shoot their way past Sadboys V2 and Old N’ Bad in the standings with six wins, four draws, and two losses. While the teams that they drubbed aren’t exactly the ones who they were looking up to in the rankings, the manner in which they earned the victories were testaments as to why they are currently sitting just behind Yes Chef, the current top seed.

Godot was a vital piece in Good Game No Remorse’s recent victories. In a meta in which the number of viable offlane heroes seems to be very limited, the Australian veteran played four unique heroes—Night Stalker, Enigma, Leshrac, and Beastmaster—in two best-of-two series. He may not be the most versatile offlaner in the league, but Farmer John’s hero pool and approach to the role are both flexible enough to provide anything his team might need.

In Good Game No Remorse’s games last week, Godot’s hero was picked last in three out of four times. His Night Stalker in the first game versus Sincerely Fury served as a great counter versus Vade’s Puck, who was forced to pick up a Black King Bar as his second item. The same goes with the Enigma pick in the second game that gave his team a much-needed high ground defense versus the Nova’s snowballing Ursa.

The only time Godot’s hero wasn’t picked last was in their final game versus 1620 Kings. His Beastmaster was picked second-to-last to complement the second-round Drow Ranger pickup for Saviour. Realizing the possible offlane counter that they left open, Good Game No Remorse banned two of the most viable illusion carries in the meta, Phantom Lancer and Terrorblade, forcing Andros’ squad to settle for a less stable Naga Siren pick.

Though Cloudy was able to play a commendable laning phase, picking up Manta Style, Diffusal Blade, and Heart of Tarrasque, before the game timer hit the 25-minute mark, it wasn’t enough to stop Good Game No Remorse from successfully utilizing their fast-paced lineup. Godot finished the 36-minute victory with 16 assists and game-high 10 kills in only three deaths.

As they enter the seventh week of the group stages, what awaits Good Game No Remorse is a true test for their claim to the throne as they face the topdogs on March 18. Their initial meeting versus Yes Chef ended in a disappointing, albeit hard-fought, defeat. Now that they’ve appeared to be a lot stronger than they were five weeks ago, this matchup should nothing be short of amazing.

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