From A Champion’s Perspective: The Cuteanimegirls Mentality

Posted by Maouie November 4, 2020 in ESPORTS

Cuteanimegirls has bagged the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2 championship title after displaying a masterful performance against Adio Chula, 3-1, in the recently concluded best-of-five grand finals.

This wasn’t the first time that Ly was able to lead a team to the top of the competition. In the league’s inaugural season, the esteemed captain’s SADBOYS.AU served as the final challenge for the eventual champion, Flashpoint Gaming, to overcome. On his return to the grand finals, however, Ly made sure that the coveted title won’t slip on his fingers this time.

We had [three] strategies revolving around either [a] Faceless Void opener followed by Phoenix or Snapfire, Magnus and Phantom Assassin, Grimstroke plus Void Spirit or Earth spirit, and Venge plus Drow Ranger or other ranged core. Other than that, we just thought what was likely they would wanna play and what we’d need to target ban,” Ly explained when asked about how they prepared for the playoffs.

Aside from that and constantly reminding his teammates to do their best, like how they did when they finished the group stages with the second-highest win-loss record at 27-10, that was all the planning Cuteanimegirls did before heading into the tournament’s decisive phase. After all, with MiggelZ, Calvin, Matino, and Snowy, who Ly believes are the best players from every role, on his side, what else could go wrong?

Towards the end of the season we got a bit complacent and stopped scrimming which ended up in our performance dropping massively and led to us getting 1-0’d by Spag and Sons in the placement game and then 2-0’d by Adio Chula in the first round of the playoffs,” Ly explained.

Prior to this complacency, Ly admitted that they also had a hard time communicating with each other during the early half of the season. They failed to agree about the brand of Dota that they are supposed to play. They were able to eventually resolve this by playing a lot of scrims. So when they had to crawl their way down in the lower bracket to keep their championship dreams alive, Cuteanimegirls solved the issue at hand using the only way they know.

The following games in the playoffs we essentially took them as scrims and just got better and worked on ourselves every game because we knew playing at the peak, we were the best in the league,” the team captain claimed.

Their lower bracket run, though undeniably impressive, was far from easy. At one point in their campaign, Cuteanimegirls was one bad team fight away from calling the Gs and ending their championship dreams. But despite getting “last-pick-Meepo’d,” by sylvos’ C’s Better in the do-or-die game of the lower bracket semifinals while the live stream chat was being flooded, rather mockingly, with “LY: My Team Has The Best Player on Every Role”, the team managed to pull through.

We just kept it together; teams usually make mistakes eventually under high pressure. It was scary for sure and we could’ve been eliminated but I guess that’s what made us win the tournament. No matter how bad games looked or felt, we kept it together and kept trying to find the angle for the comeback,” Ly said.

Out of all their games in the playoffs, Ly’s favorite was the first game of the best-of-five grand finals versus Adio Chula. The 54-minute fist-fight perfectly encapsulated both team’s skill levels. The game ended with Ly’s Phantom Assassin wielding two Divine Rapiers (one bought, and the other one was picked up from Splicko’s Windranger whose Hail Mary attempt to stop Cuteanimegirls from snatching the first map after trailing from behind for so long only led to naught). It answered why they were the grand finalists for the second season. And it also gave a glimpse of the bright future that is ahead of Oceania’s finest. 

Some players of Cuteanimegirls likened their playoff performance with Team Liquid’s historic lower bracket run in The International 2017. As someone who has reached the grand finals from both entrances, Ly admitted that there really is an advantage coming from the lower bracket as it helps build a team’s resiliency. 

Considering their reactions to being kicked down in the lower bracket and their performances in the single-elimination scenario, it’s hard not to conclude that playing in a do-or-die situation might be their plan after all. But according to Ly, no matter what circumstance is presented, they will always be mentally prepared.

Whatever comes, we were always ready and had a good attitude. We never really had arguments in-game. There’s always time to be salty after the game and disagree, [but] in-game, until the throne dies, you should try your best to win,” he said.

The crowning of Cuteanimegirls as the champions marked the end of yet another successful Oceanic Esports Dota League season. As everyone prepares for another action-packed iteration, Ly assured that we can see more of Cuteanimegirls, albeit in a reformed version, as they intend to compete as soon as the Dota Pro Circuit resumes.

As Ly thanked Justin “xMusica” Yuen, co-founder and CEO of the Oceania-based esports league, for organizing the tournament, we asked for another one of his fearless forecast, similar to the ones he made during the recently concluded season. This was what he had to say:

“I hope to see [an Austalian] team at [The International} within the next two years.”

Fortunately, that is exactly what the Oceanic Esports League is for.