Cuteanimegirls Wins Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2

Posted by Maouie October 25, 2020 in ESPORTS

Cuteanimegirls’ team captain, Ly, once said in an interview that the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 2 championship title rightfully belongs to them simply because his team is composed of the best players in every role.

On October 24, about a month after his statement was publicized, Ly backed his rather controversial claim by punctuating their impressive lower bracket playoff run with a dominating victory in the best-of-five grand finals versus Adio Chula, 3-1.

This season marks the second-straight time that Ly has led a team to the grand finals. Though his first trip under the banner of SADBOYS.AU ended with an obliterating defeat from the hands of Kouros1ve’s Flash Point Gaming, the agony of being a series away from being crowned as champions got him promising to his then teammates, Hypeman, Buzzkin, 6ixerMaris, and snowy, that their loss will be avenged.

But after Adio Chula secured the first grand finals berth following their 2-1 win versus Spag and Sons in the upper bracket finals, Ly, fresh off of their do-or-die series against C’s Better in the lower bracket semifinals, jumped into the livestream chat to send some banter for his former teammate:

“Shame to lose in the finals two seasons in a row, Buzzkin.”

Nevermind the fact that when he made that statement, Spag and Sons, the group stage top seed who acquired such feat by defeating them in a best-of-one tie-breaker, were still standing on their way in the lower bracket finals, nor the very reason why they were crawling in the lower bracket in the first place was because Adio Chula swept them in the first round of the upper bracket; Ly very well established that he’s coming for everyone’s throat and he got Oceania’s finest with him.

The last two series of the season saw the critically acclaimed carry walking his talk. Cuteanimegirls dismantled the Spag and Sons that dominated almost the entirety of the 11-week group stage. They outplayed them in game one after dictating the tempo of the game despite Xemistry’s core Silencer supposedly countering their long cooldown ultimates. The final map before the grand finals, on the other hand, was a testament to their team fighting prowess as they staged a 7k net worth comeback led by Ly’s immortal Faceless Void.

The Cuteanimegirls show continued all the way to the grand finals. They withstood a 54-minute thriller and 14k net worth advantage thanks to their on-point decision-making. Though Adio Chula refused to go down without a fight as they convincingly take the second game of the series thanks to Buzzkin’s flashy Storm Spirit, it wasn’t enough to stop Ly from eventually proving his claims. 

In game three, Boonz was left without an answer to the versatility of Cuteanimegirls’ one-two punch despite allotting five out of six ban slots for their heroes. Ly, who played Arc Warden, ended up with zero deaths and a Beyond Godlike streak, while MiggelZ’ Batrider notched up the game-high 13 kills with 13 assists on three deaths. How the final game of the season transpired wasn’t very much different from how the last one ended, except for an exceptional performance from Matino, who, at the end of the game, was revered as Australia’s best position-four player.

In the post-game interview hosted by the casters, Ares and Gorg, Cuteanimegirls was asked about their plans moving forward, whether they will stick together for the next season or will they be mixing it up. Ly, however, already had something bigger in mind.

“Next TI. We’re gonna play [in the] NA [qualifiers]… yeah, TI [qualifiers],” Ly answered.

The second season of the league may have doubled into a medium where Ly can stand by his fearless forecasts, but by making another shortly after securing the lion’s share of the AUD $34,000 prize pool and the championship title, this time, it’s the very essence of the Oceanic Esports League that getting fulfilled: gear Oceania’s finest for the world stage.

The platform for Oceania’s finest will continue to serve! Stay tuned on Oceanic Esports League’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more updates.