Cuteanimegirls Take Over The Oceanic Esports Dota League Standings

Posted by Maouie October 6, 2020 in ESPORTS

A couple of days before closing out the eighth group stage week of the Oceanic Esports Dota League, LY, team captain of Cuteanimegirls, named two teams whom he recognized as “the most obvious competition”: Adio Chula and Spag and Sons

Once the aforementioned week was over and done, however, the LY-led team found themselves on top of the standings for the first time this season, with Adio Chula and Spag and Sons sitting below them. 

“Well there’s always competition and a chance to lose but I do believe [that] we are the best team, as we are improving really really fast between every game. I’m very confident by the end of the season we will be the best,” LY said.

To put the cherry on top of the already-delicious sundae treat, Cuteanimegirls were able to do so after returning the 0-2 favor Spag’s team handed over them in their initial meeting six weeks ago. The much-awaited rematch between the league powerhouses turned out to be a one-sided bout as Cuteanimegirls only needed a little over an hour to end the two-game series and walk away victorious.

Both games were an absolute bloodbath too. In game one, Cuteanimegirls boasted a 20-kill score deficit. LY’s Morphling alone picked up the game-high 18 kills, while the entire Spag and Sons combined for 10. MiggelZ’ Void Spirit ended the game without dying even once, while Snowy’s reunion with LY continued to bear fruits as he contributed the game-high 20 assists as Vengeful Spirit.

The culprits responsible for Spag and Sons’ demise in the first game stepped up once more to do it again in the second. Cuteanimegirls’ one-two punch in MiggelZ and LY racked up 21 kills as Leshrac and Drow Ranger, respective, to end the game with the same number for a kill advantage. Snowy, still on Vengeful Spirit, continued to dish out game-high assists as he scored 22 this time. Amid the impressive numbers, the Spag-led crew’s kill score was kept to 11.

As it stands, the only teams left in the group stages that could potentially imitate a Flash Point Gaming-like result against the LY-led squad are sylvos’ C’s Better, Fury’s Sincerely Fury, Shiftsa’s Power of Friendship, and Kouros1ve’s Shadownet. As for their supposed obvious competitors, the decision will be left undiscovered until the playoffs. Especially since their two two-game series against both Adio Chula and Spag and Sons ultimately ended with a 2-2 win-loss record.

Considering how there are only three weeks of group stage play left before the playoffs, and how almost all of the hindrances SADBOYS.AU encountered in the season prior have been resolved by Cuteanimegirls, and how they recently annihilated the team who practically lived on top of the standings for the most part of the season, the team is definitely in a very good position to be the very best, as their captain claimed.

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