Can Nebula Hold Their Ground?

Posted by Maouie March 27, 2021 in ESPORTS

Nebula is probably the most consistent team in terms of results out of all the participants in the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3. In all the group stage weeks that have passed, the Spag-led squad managed to maintain their position within the top six.

It’s an incredible feat when viewed from the surface. After all, this roster is armed with the potential of its youngbloods and the experience of its veterans. In retrospect, however, should they continue to retain their level of performance—win versus teams that are below them and lose against squads that are above them—Nebula should be wary of weaker teams that could exceed what’s expected of them.

Your Soul Is Mine is currently the biggest threat to their safety in the top six. A head-to-head comparison versus F18’s squad would show that they are inferior in terms of sheer win-loss count, number of series losses, and number of series drawn. The only thing that holds their ground as a top-six team entering the eight group stage week is their one series win advantage over the aforementioned squad.

Fortunately for Spag and the boys, Your Soul Is Mine’s performance is far more erratic than theirs. They weren’t really able to solve this weakness as their recent map loss against Shadownet suggests. 1620 Kings and Good Game No Remorse’s series victory versus the squad also helped keep the squad down in the bottom four. 

While these defeats prove that F18’s squad still has their feet set on the ground, their capabilities to pull off some upsets are still as dangerous as ever, especially since their last two series wins were versus Old N’ Bad and Nebula.

Hoping for Your Soul Is Mine to resort to their old evils should not be included in Nebula’s tactics moving forward. Though the chances of that happening is far better in the eighth week of the group stages as F18’s squad is set to face Sincerely Fury and Yes Chef, two teams that previously had records of taking a game against them, it’s still a variable that’s out of Spag’s control.

Nebula has far better chances at securing their playoff ticket by leveling up their performance. And contrary to Your Soul Is Mine’s predicament, this should be easier for the XemistrY-empowered group to pull off considering the matchup that they are dealt with this week. On Friday, they will face an Old N’ Bad that’s suffering a four-game losing skid and roster instability. Then on Saturday, they will kick off the quadruple-header versus Shadownet, a team that they demolished on their initial meeting.

Should Nebula be successful in their campaign this week, they will help establish not only their chance at qualifying for the playoffs, but also their fighting chance versus Yes Chef in their ultimate series of the group stages.

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