Announcing The Oceanic Esports League 2021 Events

Posted by oceanicsport December 10, 2020 in ESPORTS

The Oceanic Esports League was founded this year with the primary goal of growing the esports scene in the Australia-New Zealand region. With two seasons of the Oceanic Esports Dota League successfully organized this year, we are excited to reveal what’s in store for Oceania’s finest as well as our neighboring regions next year.

Throughout the entire 2021, the Oceanic Esports League is set to host a total of six esports tournaments—two seasons of Oceanic Esports Dota League, two seasons of the Picklebet Invitationals, a larger Dota 2 tournament featuring teams from Oceania and Southeast Asia, and two seasons of CS:GO Pro League, an inter-regional competition which also serves as our first foray into competitive first-person shooters. Let’s dive in.

Oceanic Esports Dota League

Kicking off the jam-packed lineup of events next year is the third season of the Oceanic Esports Dota 2 League.

Much like its prior seasons, the competition focused on honing the up-and-coming Dota 2 talents of the region will continue to feature 10 teams vying for the lion’s share of the $25,000 prize pot. The tournament will implement a best-of-two double round-robin format for the group stages and a double-elimination format for the playoffs. 

Two seasons of the Oceanic Esports Dota League are set for 2021. Season 3 is set to run from early February until the end of April, while the fourth season is initially scheduled in July up to the end of September.

Picklebet CS:GO ANZ League

The cat’s been out of the bag for quite some time, but yup, we’re bound to expand across the borders of another major esports title and we’re proud to say that Picklebet will continue to help us realize our goal of bringing an unparalleled experience for competitive first-person shooter players.

Our launch event with Hyperion Servers marks the beginning of our foray into CSGO and we are excited to be able to give viewers a chance to see what our local teams can bring to the table against some of Asia’s finest teams.

More details for our 2021 CSGO roadmap will be released shortly!

OEDL SEA/ANZ Invitationals

Our foray into another genre won’t be the only ‘first’ for us next year as we are also set to debut an inter-regional Dota 2 tournament participated by teams from Southeast Asia and ANZ.

The inaugural season of the OEDL Invitationals will take place in May, shortly after the third season of the Oceanic Esports Dota league. The $10,000 eight-team competition will be comprised of the top four teams from the recently concluded OEDL season, two directly invited SEA teams, and two qualified SEA teams.

Just like the OEDL, this event will also carry through with a best-of-two, Single round-robin format for its group stages and a double-elimination format for the playoffs.

After the first season of the OEDL Invitationals, the second season will commence after a short break from the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 4, which is tentatively set in October. 

As we look forward to the events in the upcoming year, we promise to keep you posted on updates and information via our Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as our official Twitch channel.

What we have managed to build so far and to have in store in the future wouldn’t be possible without the support of the passionate esports community. We hope to have you along with us as we present one by one the Oceanic Esports League 2021 events.