A Closer Look At The 1-1 Trend in The Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3

Posted by Maouie February 20, 2021 in ESPORTS

The opening group stage weeks of the Oceanic Esports Dota League Season 3 have produced an interesting number of draws—a phenomenon that has never happened in the tournament’s preceding iterations.

The league’s second season, for instance, only had eight draws in 16 best-of-two series played throughout the first two weeks. On the other hand, with the same amount of days but with four more total series played, the ongoing season has already posted 14 ties. 

From a spectator’s perspective, this trend in results may get insipid. They are being robbed off of the potential storylines built around having dominant and underperforming squads. It simply eliminated the existence of hyped matchups between two powerhouses or the potential of a team that’s weaker on paper to deliver an upset versus a more stable stack.

A viewer, in fact, has already started to express their frustration over the best-of-two format in the live stream chat when the current season produced its 11th 1-1 outcome, questioning its rationale over the more conventional formats that give rise to a distinguished winner. Oceanic Esports Dota League caster, DareDevilDota, addressed the query from the organizer’s perspective, noting how grueling organizing a best-of-three series can get as it can either take 90 minutes or four hours.

Setting the logistical restrictions aside, however, the best-of-two series is also a fitting group stage format for long-running tournaments with a high number of participants. The nine-day Dota Asia Championship 2017, for example, implemented a grouped, best-of-two, round-robin to determine the bracket placings in the main event. The same goes with the 24-team Dota 2 tournament of World Electronic Sports Games 2018 when they ran a four-group, best-of-two group stage.

The Oceanic Esports Dota League, which runs a nine-week group stage, plus another one for its playoffs, makes good use of such format. It provides equal chances for all 10 participants to prove that they indeed belong in the tournament’s grand culmination. If anything else, the recent trend in results may be interpreted as a byproduct of the league’s mission of providing Oceania’s finest Dota 2 players a competitive platform that gears them up for the world stage.

“I think the mass amounts of draws just shows how far ANZ Dota has come and I’m very glad we are finally at a stage where we have 10 teams that are pretty even with one another.

We used to be in a situation where there were only 2-4 really dominant and enclosed teams and they would stand above the rest, making the scene very predictable and hard for newcomers to enter the scene. ” Justin “xMusiCa” Yuen, Oceanic Esports League’s co-founder and CEO, said.

An instance of the mentioned situation included Flashpoint Gaming’s rampage in the league’s inaugural season. The Kouros1ve-led squad spent three weeks into the group stages before Sincerely Fury could hand them a loss to end their second meeting with a tie. Though the team fell down in the lower bracket to kick off their playoff campaign, they managed to climb back up to meet the expectations that they have set through their undefeated run.

The fierceness of competition improved the season after that. The teams reigning the top four began to rotate, and it even required a tie-breaker after the end of the 11-week regular season to determine which team among Spag and Sons and Cuteanimegirls will secure the top seed. After pulling off a lower bracket run a la-Flashpoint Gaming, Loseyourself’s squad was crowned as the champion for the second season.

The notable changes in the quality of competition happened despite the league’s retention of the best-of-two series in its group stage format. While more factors could affect the dramatic increase in 1-1 results like the adjustment period for the participants or the instability of the metagame trends, it hardly changes the fact that the league’s effort is starting to bear fruit.

“Our aim is to continue giving players in ANZ a battleground to continue honing their skills and to also give new players a chance to enter into the competitive scene. We shall get a full ANZ team back to TI once again,” xMusiCa ended.

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